No. #1 Core PHPP Training Institute in Chandigarh | Mohali

The Core PHP Training
in Chandigarh | Mohali

  • Duration: 3-6 Months
  • 3-6 Months Internship
  • 100% Job Placement

Unlock your true potential as a PHP developer through our PHP training in Chandigarh | Mohali. Enroll today to acquire practical skills that empower you to create dynamic web solutions and take your coding career to new heights.

Pinnacle Education Benefits:
  • More than 120+ Modules
  • 30+ Certifications
  • Daily 1.5 Hours of Classes.
  • 100% Practical Training
  • Live Projects
  • No Technical Background is Needed.
  • Resume & Interview Training
  • 3-6 months Internship Program Available.

Course Fee

₹ 40,000/- ₹25,000/-

Save Rs. 15,000/- ( Limited Time offer! )

Limited Seats.

What you will Get in
Pinnacle Education?

Our programs include a certification from Pinnacle Softtech Canada, ensuring your skills are recognized globally.

You'll learn from expert faculty members with 100% industry experience, gaining insights from those who've walked the path you aspire to. What sets us apart is our commitment to hands-on learning – you'll work on live projects, applying your knowledge in real-world scenarios. With flexible batch options available, whether you prefer daily or weekend sessions, your learning schedule adapts to your needs.

Plus, we stand by you throughout your professional journey with 100% job assistance, making your career aspirations a reality. Join Pinnacle Education for a transformative educational experience like no other.

Discover What You'll Learn!

Unlock a world of opportunities in the tech industry with our PHP course in Chandigarh. Take the first step towards a promising career today by enrolling, and let's start crafting your future together!

PHP Basics
Web Development with PHP
Database Integration
Object-Oriented Programming
Security & Performance


In PHP development, there are countless possibilities.

Choosing a career in PHP opens doors to countless opportunities. PHP is versatile, well-supported by a community, in high demand, and always evolving. It's a great choice for a successful and fulfilling career in web development.

  • A Versatile language for many web development projects.
  • Strong demand for PHP professionals in the industry.
  • Wide range of career paths & opportunities for growth.
  • Extensive community support & resources for continuous learning.
  • PHP powers major websites like Facebook, Wikipedia & Yahoo.
  • Ample job stability & long-term prospects in PHP development.

Our Student's Review

Discover the transformative power of education at Pinnacle. Hear from our students about their inspiring experiences, dedicated teachers, and the path to success. Join us in your journey toward academic excellence.

Amit Thakur

Pinnacle Education has transformed my learning experience. The dedicated teachers and engaging curriculum have helped me excel in my studies.


I can't thank Pinnacle Education enough for their support. The flexible online classes have allowed me to balance my studies with my other commitments.


The tutors at Pinnacle Education are not just educators; they are mentors. Their guidance and encouragement have been instrumental in my academic growth.

Rahul Katwal

Pinnacle Education's interactive learning platform made studying enjoyable.

Aman Kumar

The personalized attention I received at Pinnacle Education was outstanding. The small class sizes allowed me to ask questions and get the help I needed.

Harjot Singh

They helped me stay on track and achieve my academic goals.

Sachin Katwal

The resources and study materials provided by Pinnacle Education are top-notch. They made a significant difference in my understanding of the subjects.

FAQ for Core PHP Training
in Chandigarh | Mohali

1. How long is duration of PHP full course?

Typically, such a full course spans anywhere from 3 to 6 months. Our course encompasses an extensive array of subjects, offering both theoretical insights and practical PHP training in addition to related technologies. Moreover, our course duration is designed to facilitate hands-on experience through real-world projects, a pivotal component in cultivating practical knowledge and skills.

2. Is pursuing a career in PHP a wise choice?

Certainly, PHP stands out as a fantastic choice for those aiming to build a career in web development. This versatile server-side programming language opens up a world of opportunities in the web development domain. A PHP expert can engage in diverse projects, such as crafting e-commerce platforms and tailoring custom web applications to meet clients' needs. Given the ever-growing demand for web development, mastering PHP is a must to stay ahead in this dynamic industry.

3. Is there still a high demand for PHP?

PHP, a popular server-side programming language, has thrived for over two decades. With a strong community and trusted by many businesses, it remains in demand, ensuring opportunities for PHP experts in the future.

4. Is PHP easy to learn or difficult?

Learning PHP is easier than many other coding languages. Still, mastering it takes time and practice. You'll need to know HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to build dynamic web applications with PHP. The good news is that PHP's learning curve isn't too steep, and you can start making small projects early to learn and gain experience.

5. What is the course duration and format?

The course typically takes 3 - 6 Months to complete, depending on your pace. It is available in a self-paced online format, allowing you to learn at your own speed.

6. Is there any certification upon course completion?

Yes, upon successfully completing the course, you will receive a Pinnacle Education PHP Course certificate, which you can use to showcase your skills to potential employers or clients.

7. What is the cost of the course?

For up-to-date information on course fees and any available discounts, please visit our website or contact our admissions team.

8. Is there a payment plan available for the course fees?

Yes, we do offer installment options for the course fee. You can contact our admissions team for more details.

9. Will I get hands-on experience during the training?

Absolutely! Our training emphasizes practical learning, ensuring you work on live projects and real-world scenarios.

10. Are job placements or internships provided post-training?

While we don’t guarantee job placements, we do have a network of industry contacts and often notify our students of opportunities.

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